Inspired by architecture combined with intrest in fashion, is the right way to describe GHELLE.



“Without a vision, we are blind.” The vision is the identity of this brand. Modern fashion is easy to follow, but by creating your own identity you can focus on a timeless era unlike others. Being first isn’t enough anymore, so that is why creativity must be on a higher level and expectations. That’s what separates GHELLE with many other brands.




Modern fashion dressed in a unique but subtle jacket that makes it accessible for many. A nice piece of quality design with a functional meaning is a complete garment. This collection is to establish an exclusive cut and sew brand by using only the finest and experimental materials with high expectation for quality garments. A creative design without a vision is not complete, because the vision translate the expression of the design.

collection detail


Maison Ghelle is an innovative clothing brand established in 2012.